We are Sense – supporting everyone who is deafblind or has complex disabilities. We believe everyone should be able to take part in life, no matter their disability. 

What we mean by complex disabilities

People with complex disabilities tend to have two or more disabilities and experience unique barriers in daily life. This can make it harder to develop new skills, communicate and live independently.

Our years of experience and expertise mean we understand that no two people’s needs are the same. We know how important it is to find the right approach for each disabled person and their family.

We follow the social model of disability. This means that disability is created by barriers in society.

What we mean by deafblindness

Deafblindness is a disability in its own right. It means you have sight and hearing loss that affects your everyday life. Access to information, communicating and getting about on your own can be much more difficult.

Being deafblind doesn’t necessarily mean you are totally deaf and/or totally blind. Most people who are deafblind have some sight and some hearing. Even with mild sight and hearing loss, you’ll still experience challenges.


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